Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A David moment...

  A woman standing next to us in line commented on how patient and well behaved my boys were being and then asked me how old they were. I told her 6, 4, and 10 months as I gestured to each boy. She pointed at Luke and gasped “he’s four!?!” I told her he was and with a shocked look on her face she looked at Luke and said “wow, you sure are a teeny-tiny little thing, aren’t you!”

  Just so you'll understand where I'm coming from let me interject here with a bit more information about my four year old. Luke has a different sort of personality. He is my shy guy but if he allowed you to penetrate his cocoon of personal comfort you would see right away that he is hilarious and witty and very quick on his feet. Yet, he is… well… let’s just say unpredictable, at the same time. That being said let me continue...

  Knowing how unpredictable Luke can be I braced myself for his reaction/response to the woman’s… ummm, honesty??

  I wasn't surprised when Jacob piped up first but was a little surprised at how he responded to the woman. He became defensive of his little brother and uncharacteristically chastised the woman’s comment. He said “you should use your manners and not say things that hurt my brother’s feelings” then, feeling a little guilt, added, “please”.

  That is when my shy little Luke stepped forward with his chest puffed up; standing as tall as he possibly could and smiled at the woman. I wondered if she could see my obvious uneasiness, and I might even have been squirming a bit; as I waited for Luke’s response. I was happy to hear what he had to say. He looked at her but said to Jacob “No, Jacob, its okay. She just doesn’t know that God can make little guys do big things too.”

  I couldn’t help but smile as I looked at her. I felt badly that the boys had brought her unintentional rudeness to her attention but was thankful for Jacob’s concern for his brother and proud of Luke’s ability to see himself through God’s eyes and realize his value and potential in the eyes of the Lord.

  We did discuss the whole situation in the car. We talked about different ways we could have handled the situation but we mostly spoke about how God gives us talents and we prayed for God to reveal our talents to us and give us the courage to welcome them no matter what they are or what they require of us because we know that He will guide us.

  When the prayer ended I told Luke how proud I was of him. I told him that he was very wise to acknowledged that even though he isn’t as big as other kids his age (yet) he could do great things through God. He smiled ear to ear and said “yeah, you shoulda named me David” I asked him why and he said “because David was a little guy and God used him to fight Goliath… and he was a GIANT!!”  All I could do was hug him and say, “yes God will use you in big ways just like he used David but you are our Luke!”

  What a great reminder of the importance of seeing our potential through the eyes of our creator rather than through the eyes of the world. It’s nice to be reminded of our endless possibilities when we give ourselves to God and allow Him to use us like He sees fit.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13


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  1. Enid, your children are so precious! I can tell they are being raised by such a great mommy!! I hope that I can meet them one day!!