Saturday, November 12, 2011

Magic Tricks

 I know we've all had those weeks that drag on and on and on... The ones where a couple of times a day you think "really, Lord? REALLY!?!". Where it's hard to find the strength to do what needs to be done and even harder to find the will. This week had me bouncing between wanting to stick my head in the sand and having complete laughing fits. Between two sick kids, fraudulent bank charges, extremely busy schedules, FIVE seperate trips to the doctors office and/or E.R., having to wake up one son to give him breathing treatments every two hours through the night for two consecutive nights, being up for three days and nights straight with another very sick son, helping my oldest study for a spelling test, math test and an Ancient Egypt test and trying to just do the required daily living-- I thought I would go batty for sure.

  Because of this insane week I thought it appropriate to share the hightlights of not only today but this week. Hopefully these are the things I will remember. Enjoy!

Today's highlights...

 I opened the freezer this morning to find a stuffed dinosaur wrapped in a white karate belt. Funny thing is I just closed the door and went on with my business. Later I asked why there was a dino in the freezer. Jake said in a very matter-of-fact way "I have to keep the mummysaur in there until I finish building his sarcophagus" I made a comment along the lines of "oh, okay that explains the white karate belt" and Luke said "Don't worry! We already pulled it's brain out it's nose."- NICE.

 For tonight's entertainment Jacob and Luke decide they wanted to put on a magic show for me! They each did some "never seen before" "amazing, unbelievable" tricks and were very "professional" and "hold your eyes open" good. About the time it was over I noticed Eli wasn't in the room with us anymore. Then he appeared in front of me holding a brand new box of Cheerios (we had just opened it this morning). He must have been feeling left out because he raised it high and turned the whole thing upside down. He looked absolutely delighted as all the Cheerios poured out onto the floor. Then he dropped the box, raised his hands high in the air and yelled "TAAADDDAAAA!!". - Too bad he can't make the Cheerios disappear, too;-)


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